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EXPLORING ISRAEL: Helpful Insights for Studying the Land of the Bible


Does the Bible sometimes seem dry or boring? Learning about the people and places of Israel will give context to the stories and bring the Bible alive with excitement! After all, Israel is the place where Jesus walked and talked, the place where the stories unfolded, and where the pages of the Bible were written. There is something special about the Holy Land that will grab your heart. Whether you have had the privilege of visiting this amazing place or dream of going one day, Exploring Israel is your guide to growing in your faith and gaining a better understanding of this important place. When you digest the history and geography, the Bible begins to go from black and white to vivid color. With important background information, in an easy-to-read format, this resource will help Israel not be simply a distant land, but someplace close to your heart. Let's go on a journey together exploring Israel.




Modern and Ancient Beliefs to Grow your Understanding of the Bible and Faith

Help! The First Century Culture of the Bible is Complicated!

But the Bible can be understood. It was lived and written from a Jewish worldview. Afterall, Jesus lived as a Jew. Therefore, it is important to study Jewish ways by studying modern and ancient Israel to understand the Biblical Scriptures and grow our faith in Jesus. This is why Dr. Baxter wrote, Jewish Insights.

The Baxter's have led Biblical tours to Israel for years, traveling to the Holy Land many times each year teaching the principles of this book to groups. They have fallen in love with Israel, the Jewish people and culture. This caused Dr. Baxter to write his first book on the land of the Bible, Exploring Israel, but now he has come to learn and believe there is more to the background, people, festivals and Jewish culture which needs to be shared. This resource will help the context of the Bible come to life.

Your Assumptions will be Challenged! Your Faith is about to Grow!


GO & GROW: 5 Keys to moving your faith forward and adulting in the real world

This is a two book series with Editions for Students (High School/20-somethings) 
and a Parent/Mentor Edition.

From the Back Cover: 

You almost have your high school diploma (or just got it), you have your college acceptance letter or deployment date or planning your gap-year, but something doesn't seem right. Everything seems new and exciting, but you wonder if you are fully prepared for the "real world." Maybe you have some anxiety about this time of your life. Don't fear! This resource will help you navigate all the topics of adulting. This book will help you thrive, not just survive these important transition years while holding onto your faith in Jesus. Topics covered: being in awe of God, understanding the Bible, living in grace, increasing your prayers, navigating the college campus, life with a roommate or employees, dealing with professors or bosses, morality, becoming all you were meant to be and so much more.

With godly wisdom and years of experience understanding the next generation, Jeff Baxter will help prepare you to look forward with faithfulness to adulting in the real world. Grab a beverage! Let's have a conversation!


             EXPLORING ISRAEL                                    ONLINE VIDEO COURSES

This is an opportunity to study the land of the Bible up close and grow your faith.


This is an opportunity to get a little taste of what the FULL Exploring Course would look and feel like.  There is a little Israel / Holy Land history and a couple specific places highlighted.


If you want to dive deep into the places and people of Israel getting the whole experience with over 4 hours and over 30 videos of content delivered in bit-sized pieces in professional quality, this is the course for you. There is a little cost, but a dramatically discounted price. It is well worth experiencing the places of the Bible with pictures of the Holy Land, videos of the landscape, and extra docs to download.  If you are planning on going to Israel, this will help your experience sink deeper. If you have been to Israel, get ready to be reminded of your life-changing experience. If you are just wanting to understand the Bible better and grow your faith deeper, this resource is for you!

Payment is easy and secure!  Enjoy the journey.


             THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO BEING                                          CHRISTIAN IN COLLEGE:

                               Don't Forget To Pack Your Faith

Are You Ready for the Rest of Your Life? You got the high school diploma, received the college acceptance letter, and have your eye on that dorm fridge. Everything seems new and exciting―but with those positive feelings come huge questions about what awaits you once you're no longer home but sharing a small room with strangers instead. Don't fear! Here is your essential guide for everything you need to know to survive and thrive, with tips on: • Dorm life • Dealing with professors • Selecting classes • Balancing school and fun • Standing firm in your faith • Becoming who you're meant to be • And more! With godly wisdom and understanding, Jeff Baxter draws from his experience helping young adults like you build a solid foundation for your life ahead.



                                           Adults And Teenagers Transforming The Church

Does youth ministry in your church exist on an island, disconnected from the larger church? Does your youth ministry accomplish the church's overall goals for making disciples of teenagers? Together helps answer those questions and more. Almost since the concept of "youth ministry" came into being, churches have struggled with how to keep their twelve-to-twenty-year-olds engaged. A contemporary focus, lots of fun activities, and cool leaders seemed to be the answer. Yet large numbers of young people are still leaving, many feeling disconnected from mainstream churches. In Together, author Jeff Baxter offers a thoughtful perspective on why real change requires not just a new model for youth ministry, but a whole new congregational mindset. Using practical examples from his own experiences ministering to youth and their families, Baxter provides a detailed guide for creating an intentional, whole-church, intergenerational ministry. Effective and life-changing, this ministry focuses on connecting the generations for the express purpose of fostering discipleship and spiritual growth, and investing youth in the long-term goals of the church. Together is for anyone committed to helping young people mature into Jesus-following adults who remain invested in God's kingdom.



What Repairing Streams Has Taught Me About Healing The Church


Dr. Jeff Baxter understands the brokenness of the local church; but he has also experienced the beauty of true Christian community. Join Jeff on a spiritual adventure through God's creation that will revitalize your hope for the church.  You will learn to ask provocative questions about the harmony between creation and community, exploring the myriad of connections between spirituality and streams.

It is time to help the church recover from her brokenness and become beautiful once again.


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